2.7.11 Sandy Skoglund

I came across Sandy's work whilst looking for someone else. The use of vibrant colour struck me before the beautifully constructed & surreal imagery. 

Skoglund is classed as a photographer and installation artist. Seeing the complexity of the installations I'm given to thinking that she is primarily a creator of physical imagery (3d) and then captures them visually in a way that represents them in a virtual (2d) world.

This work does not directly impact my proposed work, however, I have included it here to remind me of the importance of colour, lighting and most importantly the painstaking work involved in preparation for creation of truly beautiful images.

It is also included as an example of stunning visual imagery that once articulated has probably lost its essence.

Sandy Skoglund Slideshow
I have arranged the images in order of colour and theme. I have include three different published versions of the same shot from the installation 'Radioactive cats' (1981) moving from lighter to darker. This alters the aspect of the image. for me. entirely.

In the first (lightest image) everyone is radioactive, in the second, the cats have brought radioactivity in to the room and in the third the men have brought radio activity to the cats. 

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