2.0 Statement of Intent - Product Studio Shoot

Title of Theme: Capturing Nostalgia

Statement of Application
The pictures will be used to promote the Toy Museum by 'Toys of Yesteryear' at Barton Marina, Barton under Needwood, Staffordshire. Initially I liked the idea of taking studio shots of the toys - purely to meet the needs of the C&G L3 criteria.

Having had a good look around the museum the ideas started to take shape. I noticed a c1970's Subbuteo set and immediately got the pangs of nostalgia (mini leagues involving friends from my community with home and away games at each others homes, knock out competitions, players getting broken and glued together again, the relatively huge ball and endless dispute about flicking techniques).

If seeing he box set could have that effect on me - could a series of images stir the same nostalgic feelings in others. That became the purpose.

I am fascinated by the 'tilt shift' technique - see blog 2.5 The Best of Tilt Shift Images and became interested in the idea of using this technique for use with actual miniature toys/models. 

Following discussions with Steve Davies (our Tutor) and fellow students the 'proposal' started to evolve. Simulating 'real life' scenarios with the subbuteo set and then merging with images from 'real life' football stadia would be a development of the tilt shift genre. Some of the Tilt shift techniques would be applied to this shoot (depth of field and post shoot editing) see blog 2.6 Tilt Shift Trial - Photoshop Method

Equipment Used
A full description of the equipment used can be found on Blog 2.2 Equipment and details of my experience with lighting on blog 2.4 Studio Trial - Product Shoot - Toys

Technique Used
For details of the lighting, shooting and post shoot techniques used please see blog 2.5 Subbuteo Shoot.

Lighting Application and Control
Learning about the use and control of lighting is covered in blogs 2.3 Studio Photography With Household Lights & 2.4 Studio Trial - Product Shoot - Toys. A discussion about the lighting actually used is covered in blog 3.0 Subbuteo Shoot.

Health & Safety Considerations
A review of H&S considerations and assessment of risks is covered in blog 9.0 Health & Safety

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