My Portrait Theme Influences

The work of the dance troupe 'Pilobolus' is the idea behind my Studio 'Portrait' theme - working title 'You Bring The Dream To Life'.

And here's a YOUTUBE video to get a real feel for my theme.

I am also influenced by the trigrams of the I Ching - shown here.

And have developed this idea to recreate pictures using yin / yang to identify soft/hard, dark/light, strong/weak, masculine/feminine, day night. In this one I use simple form to articulate my interpretation.

My aims is to translate this in to 'Taoist' imagery as shown in this picture taken just off of Dovedale at 'lovers leap'


  1. Hi
    The studio idea as we discussed I feel would be very ambitious considering the time we have and your experience in that environment.


  2. I totally agree and will need to adjust. I can simplify this approach by taking the portrait images in the studio and then adding the 'silhouette backgrounds' in Photoshop.

    Alternatively I have more of straight forward portrait shoot in mind. based on the work researched with Dritkol and Brandt. My aim would be encourage people to express themselves with natural emotions (as opposed to posed images). Ideally the subjects would, in natural pose, be the antithesis of their 'emotional' self.