1.3 Joe's Photo Website

There's nothing like choosing to have a your own website to cause you to check out your own best images and then get them organised. So much so that I now know that the first thing I will do when I finish this C&G L3 course is to do just that - with a far more critical and discerning eye. That's what being in the company of some very capable - yest still aspiring - photographers. Thanks Becky, Eric, Jim, Pete, Pip, Ruth, Steve, Steve & Suzy.



  1. Hi
    Great website, with some really well composed images with controlled lighting and technique.
    Good to have the ambition to get your work out there it shows your increased confidence in your own images, are you going to add more..


  2. Thanks Steve - I'll revisit my stocks with a critical eye, following my new learning. Equally it's given me the ambition to produce some quality stuff. I know the ingredients I just need to create the space.