1.5 Wish List

If anyone, having read my kit list, was short on charitable ideas 'm not too proud to provide the following information.

A wide angle lens
A macro lens
A camera that can take more than 3 bracketed shots
A camera that takes bracketed shots automatically
A camera that can do slower film speeds than ISO 200
A camera that can do faster film speeds than ISO 1600 - like the Canon D5 that can do 3200! (imagine that! - what you've got one? - is it just me then?)
A light meter
A speedlite
Some lighting kit
Time in a studio
Time spent taking photographs
Time spent contemplating others images


  1. Hi
    Good to highlight your limitations of kit and resources.


  2. Hi Joe,
    I have all them except time, it's a bit of a contradiction though... because more kit means more time sorting and not doing!

    The 5D MKII has an expandable ISO of min 50 to max 25600 when set on manual and adjustable noise reduction options. I use the 50 but haven#t found a reason to go above 1600 as yet.