1.1 Trying Reportage

These images are from a few years ago when I was playing around with a reportage theme and B&W. I've included them to demonstrate the various approaches;

'The Decisive Moment'

Man in Chair (Utoxetter Races) - I'd seen him move towards the track and wanted that rear image.

Burton Bike Man
- I waited about an hour for a cyclist to come past (on the right type of bike) and to capture Drakelow towers that seemed to dominate the town.

- I waited to create the idea that Paddy wasn't seeing the world and the world wasn't seeing him (except for the child). Knowing a child would do this I waited with Paddy for some time to capture the moment - pity I got the shutter speed all wrong.


'The Man on The Bench'
(Bath) - and I wanted to contrast with seemingly oblivious people.


The Cyclists at Leek (they woke up a few moments later and where from Canada, touring the UK by bike!).

Stapenhill Boy


'Bubbles in Bath' (taken in Bath) - I like that combination.


- A posed image this time, Ben was selling the Big Issue and posed for this one. I love the juxtaposition of his own vanity (piercings , tattoos, chains and that of the Body Shop.


  1. Hi
    Again this will meet P3 but as said before only with writing about your to thoughts and ideas based on what you have seen, else there is no point doing research, it must inspire and influence you but say why!


  2. Hi
    Can I say that I am very impressed with these images and you should explore this as a theme in the future maybe on your next course with me as these are outstanding. maybe you didn't realise how good they are.
    Can you bring in the originals as they warrant close scrutiny, seriously these are straight in at a high level, can you talk to me about these, they may need to be exhibited!!


  3. Hi
    You can see from my first blog at first glance I mistook this for your research and not images you have took.