3.1 Product Shoot - The Set Up

The studio comes readily equipped with 4 x Bowens Gemini Esprit 500 lamps. See the separate blog 'Lighting & Equipment' for a more detailed description of the use of each piece of kit.

Here's the first set up for the shoot. The two spots will be used to emulate the floodlights, whilst at the other end of the pitch I will use diffused light so the light travels along the pitch, removing heavy shadows, but does not intrude.

This shot shows the positioning of the spot light behind the floodlight. This was done for both sides of the pitch at that end.

Now the diffusers are clipped to the Bowens (the Barn Doors still gave too hard a light).

A few tests of the lights, some minor adjustments to apertures - f5.6 used to get a narrow depth of field, and here we are ready to go. The separated blog on my trial shoot product shoot contains an extensive details of my experience with aperture and light settings / readings.

Time to get the players in the right positions that will simulate 'real life'. Not all of the images will make the final selection, but for the record - I tried penalties, free kicks, fouls, tackles, goal celebrations, and arguments.

Shooting in action, getting in close with a narrow depth of field to simulate the tilt shift effect - although of course with actual models.


  1. Hi
    Well recorded section of you at work in the studio and what you did, to raise the bar on this you need to talk about all the various lighting kit and accessories you used and why.


  2. thanks Steve - updated as suggested