4.1.1 Potrait Shoot Statement of Intent UPDATED

Title of Theme: Women In Business

Statement of Application
The influences behind my choice are included in blog 4.1.1 My Portrait Theme Choice. 

My vision for the final outcome is to produce 10 shots that could be used in a promotional campaign for a fictitious organisation 'Women In Business, loosely based on the real organisation 'Women In Logistics'. The shoot needs to produce images that could/would/will be used in an advertising campaign in business journals and websites.

The common theme relates to the challenge/s  of the duality of culture, heritage and the expectations/requirements of an increasingly global business world. 

The fictitious organisation would understand the unique challenges that women face and offer to be there to support them, not just as business people but, as the unique and individual person that each woman is.

The approach contrasts a Woman in traditional Indian dress with the same woman in typical western business dress. In this way the theme also touches on (without making direct reference to) the additional challenges of culture and race.

Equipment Used
A full description of the equipment used can be found on the Blogs relating to lighting and equipment.

Health & Safety Considerations
A review of H&S considerations and assessment of risks is covered in blog 9.0 Health & Safety.

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